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Call Us Today!
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Concrete 101


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JM Concrete, LLC.

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Pahrump, NV 89048

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NV License No. 0063230

  • Code requires that a minimum of 2500 PSI concrete be used but we recommend and use a minimum of 3000 PSI with buckeye fiber.
  • Always be sure that concrete is placed on properly compacted and graded ground.  The only way that it is properly compacted is with a mechanical compactor i.e. vibra-plate, steel wheel, or wheel rolling.
  • All flat-work i.e. driveway, patios, sidewalks, and pool decks should have proper drainage away from structures which is a minimum of 2%.
  • All flat-work should have a minimum of 3.5" of thickness.  Many times contractors save $$ by only placing 3" of concrete in flat-work.  We recommend at least 3.5"-4" of concrete and thickened edges of 4.5"-12".
  • All concrete cracks and to control this it is recommended that control joints be cut at least every 10' or less.

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